lørdag 10. januar 2009

Protest against Israel - boycot Israeli products now!

The whole world condemn and are strongly against the actions Israel have taken on the Gaza strip the last two weeks.

People all over the world have protested against the crual actions by Israel in big demonstrations all over the world. But UN and USA is doing to little.

I think we can do more on our own by boycotting Israeli products.

Stop buing israelan products. Israel is amount other things a big exporter of fruit and vegetables. Check in your grocery store and don´t buy what is produced in Israel.

Actions from hundred of millions people is much more powerful then the little action UN and USA is doing at the moment.

Start boycotting Israeli products today!

Here is a news article describing how little UN has done with the conflict in Gaza.

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Jorgen sa...

the only way for ordinary people is to show by small acts and this is one of them. however, we need to understand americas role as well, being the "judge and law" behind israel. start trade with different parties, parties we need to support in order to directly show not all westerners are pro war conducted indirectly via western governments. more power to the good people.